Trailering Tips

Jun 09, 2017

The Best Shank for Your Setup

One of the most important things you can do to protect your family and equipment when towing is to set up your Equal-i-zer® hitch correctly. A critical component of this is choosing the right shank for your truck and trailer.

The right shank goes a long way in keeping your setup level with the ground, protecting your equipment from damage, and increasing the longevity of your tires. It is also critical to getting your weight distribution set up correctly, so you get the best performance and sway control from the Equal-i-zer hitch.

Your Equal-i-zer hitch is made to last a lifetime, but your tow vehicle and trailer may not be. "We purchased our Equal-i-zer hitch for our Mercury Mountaineer, then used it with a Nissan Titan," says Lori Gilson, Equal-i-zer hitch owner. "Now we will be using it to tow with our new Nissan Titan XD. We love not having to replace our hitch when we replace a vehicle or trailer."

As you switch, upgrade or change your tow vehicle or trailer, it is important to take a minute to make sure you have the right shank on your Equal-i-zer hitch. We offer many different specialty shanks to fit your needs for whatever combination tow vehicle/trailer you have.

Click on our infographic below for a full guide on how to choose the best shank size for your tow vehicle and trailer.

how to choose the best shank size for your tow vehicle and trailer.

Watch our video for step-by-step instructions on choosing the right shank for your setup.