Trailering Tips

Feb 05, 2016

How to Identify and Fix Weight Distribution Set Up Issues

To have an optimal experience with your Equal-i-zer hitch, it is important to quickly identify if your hitch is properly set up, and the weight is correctly distributed. Watch our video to learn how to identify and fix an improperly set up hitch.

This video will save you time and worry, as you can confidently take your trip knowing your trailer is properly attached.

In the first segment of the video, Dave demonstrates how to properly identify and fix an over-adjusted hitch. He then proceeds in showing how to identify and fix a setup that looks like it's under-distributed, but is really improper hitch ball height in disguise.

Key Areas To Identify when Troubleshooting a Weight Distribution Hitch

See section 6 of the Equal-i-zer Hitch owners manual, use the weight distribution set up table. This table is a helpful tool for identifying and fixing an over or under adjusted hitch. The way to identify if your adjustment is right is to take measurements from the ground to the front axel, the video above walks through an example of how to do this step by step.

- Height of hitch ball
- Distance from ground to front axel
- Placement of spacer washers