How To's

Aug 25, 2016

How To: Adjust Your Equal-i-zer Hitch When Changing Your Tow Vehicle or Trailer

With Equal-i-zer® hitch's quality construction and lifetime warranty, many trailer owners are able to use their original Equal-i-zer hitch on multiple set-ups over many years. In fact, we know trailer owners that inherited their Equal-i-zer hitch from their grandparents, and even decades later, the hitch is providing superior performance.

When the time comes for you to change your tow vehicle or trailer, it is important to make sure your hitch is set up correctly. Proper hitch setup is critical for superior sway control and weight distribution. To make it simple, we have created an easy-to-follow infographic for you to use as a reference when adjusting your hitch for your new tow vehicle or trailer.

EQ Hitch Adjust Infographic 2018

Print out the infographic and keep it in your trailer, and for more detailed step-by-step instructions, please refer to your owner's manual. We also recommend the helpful video below, which demonstrates how to easily correct an over or under adjusted hitch for a safe and stress-free tow.

For the best weight distribution and sway control, it is important for your Equal-i-zer hitch to be properly adjusted. In this video, Dave provides step-by-step instructions on how to correct an over or under adjusted hitch.