Trailering Tips

Feb 23, 2022

5 Pro-Tips for the OnTarget

The OnTarget™ Towing Tool by Equal-i-zer® was created to help you know if you are set up correctly, so you can have a safer and more comfortable tow. With three easy measurements, the OnTarget displays your weight distribution percentage, so you can make the adjustments needed for better braking, steering, and vehicle control.

Until now, checking your setup required taking measurements with a tape measure, and calculating the percentage. Now, there is an easier way, and we will do the math for you.


Place the OnTarget at the centerline of either front-wheel well and aim the laser down towards the target reflector on the ground, then take the following measurements:

In addition to measuring weight distribution, the OnTarget makes campsite set up quick and easy with these 6 pro-tips.

Digital leveling:

The digital level lets you quickly verify the trailer pitch, which is helpful during and after hitch installation and during campsite set up. A level trailer is more aerodynamic while driving, saving you gas money, and a level trailer provides a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Distance measuring:

A 50-meter red laser can accurately measure the distance between any clear and visible points. Measurements can be taken easily with one hand. This feature is helpful when determining the depth or width of a campsite. The OnTarget can take different measurements in distance measuring mode and add or subtract them to give you a new total.

  • To enter distance measuring mode, press the “MODE” button once, and the icon of a straight horizontal line will begin flashing.
  • To add/subtract measurements, press “READ” to take a measurement, then press the “+/-“ button once for addition or twice for subtraction. Then take the second measurement by pressing “READ” again.

Area and volume measuring:

Many trailers have cargo holds or large open areas for storage. The OnTarget can quickly determine the size of the area, making packing easier.

  • To access these different modes, press the “MODE” button.
  • For area measuring, a small rectangle will flash in the top corner.
  • For volume measuring, a small box will flash in the top corner.

Turn on audio verification:

After completing a measurement, a soft beep will sound when the attempted measurement has been completed and registered. This is helpful when measuring in hard-to-get places or low angles when it is not easy to see the screen to verify the finished measurement visually.

  • To turn the audio on/off, quickly press the unit/audio button.

Save your measurements:

The OnTarget times out after a few minutes and erases the current set to save battery life. Saving your measurements will make taking multiple measurements easier and eliminate the need to remeasure.

When using the OnTarget to determine your weight distribution percentage, you will take three different measurements in three configurations. Once accepted, the first two measurements, or “A” and “B,” should be consistent throughout the rest of the process, if the trailer is not moved, and no weight is added. Saving your measurements will make the rest of the process easier and eliminate the need to remeasure “A and B” if hitch adjustments are needed.

  • To save a current measurement set, hold the “SAVE” button.
  • To access a saved measurement set, press the “SAVE” button, then use the “+/-“ button to scroll through the saved measurement sets.
  • Press the “READ” button to select the desired set.

Adjust the origin point of the laser:

For any of the measurements, the origin point of the laser can be altered to fit a specific need. There are three points: at the front of the device, in the middle (or the tripod mount), and from the base. Depending on what you are measuring, the laser origin point may be best started from the base to account for the length of the device itself.

  • To change, quickly press the button in the bottom left corner until the corresponding icon in the top left corner of the screen matches where you want the origin point to be.