OnTarget Towing Tool

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The OnTarget™ Towing Tool by Equal-i-zer gives you peace of mind. It is the easiest and fastest way to measure your weight distribution. With a few quick measurements, it calculates your weight distribution percentage, so you can make the adjustments needed for a comfortable, safer tow.

The future of safe towing is here. Whether you are installing your hitch yourself, or a dealership professionally installed your hitch, it is important to make sure your setup has the proper weight distribution percentage. Even small changes in trailer cargo, like full or empty water tanks, can affect your weight distribution and reduce tow vehicle stability. Now there is a simple, easy way to make sure your weight distribution is OnTarget.

Proper weight distribution provides improved steering, better braking and enhanced vehicle control, keeping you safer when towing heavy loads, driving in inclement weather, passing semi-trucks or fighting cross winds.

The OnTarget also makes campsite set up quick and easy. Use the laser distance measuring feature to quickly show how deep your campsite is or whether or not you can fully extend your awning in a wooded area. The OnTarget can also be used to level your trailer, which provides a more enjoyable stay.