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Replacement spring arms for the Equal-i-zer® hitch. These arms are only compatible with the matching weight rating hitch head.

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I encountered heavy wind, rain and trucks flying by me. Through these conditions your hitch lived up to all your claims and all my expectations. I am very picky about the equipment I use, and I was very impressed. I have to say I am very meticulous and safe, and I’m convinced.

- Guy N.

We had headwinds, crosswinds, rain, snow, sleet, and hail. Eighteen-wheelers meeting us on two-lane roads or passing us on the freeways had no effect on our stability at all, and we had absolutely no fishtailing. The Equal-i-zer is a 100% improvement over the (conventional weight distribution) hitch.

- Harold D.

I truly believe that on January 12th, 2017 when we hit black ice in Kentucky with our 26' camper, that the Equalizer hitch saved our lives. That's a strong statement, I know but you'd have to ask our friends that we're following us down to Florida...they saw it all. My 2016 Super Duty broke traction and went into a quick sideways slide. It happened so fast but as the truck recovered, the camper stayed right behind and it felt like it actually helped the truck recover from slide. Our friends in their SUV behind us said it was an amazing recovery. There were serious accidents all around us that day but we were safe! I credit that to the Equalizer!!!

- Kevin D. Pence

My wife who had never pulled a trailer drove through heavy, high speed, semi traffic with no control problems.

- Kent C.

The performance of your product is impressive. Although the trailer is several thousand pounds heavier than the previous one we owned, it actually handled much better due to the Equal-i-zer system. An added bonus is the Equal-i-zer is easier to use than my previous hitch. Thanks for manufacturing a superb product at a fair price.

- Jim C.

Before using your hitch, the sway was unsafe at any speed or road condition. After installing the Equal-i-zer hitch, the sway was non-existent and I now have a feel of control over the trailer instead of the trailer controlling the tow vehicle.

- Bob J.

Customer Service is a dying art, and you have made me believe that there is still plenty of it out there. I will continue to recommend your product and service!!

- Bob O.

I am pulling 2-3 trailers each week for an RV transport company. I am impressed with the load distribution and sway control, even on large trailers up to 40 feet long. I feel safe with this hitch even in high winds and on rough roads. Also, your customer support is excellent. It is a pleasure to deal with a company who puts customers first.

- John L.

The Equal-i-zer hitch is outstanding, head and shoulders above any other. It is easy to install and hook-up, it leaves me and my wife with a feeling of total confidence as we start each trip. The ride the system delivers is so smooth, I have total peace of mind. No worries with chains or add on sway bars any longer, big trucks just blow by the Equal-i-zer. It eliminates trailer sway just as promised.

- Tim N.

No one has been as satisfied as I have, Equal-i-zer is still the best on the market.

- Durwood H.

We had head winds, cross winds, rain, snow, sleet, and hail. Eighteen wheelers meeting us on two lane roads or passing us on freeways had no effect on our stability at all and we had absolutely no fish tailing. The Equal-i-zer is a 100% improvement over the (conventional weight distribution) hitch.

- Harold D.

Although my Equal-i-zer hitch has not towed a coach for one million miles, it does have 763,000 miles of towing on it. I am certain that no other brand of hitch can claim such high usage and longevity; without even considering the ease of use associated with your brand of hitch.

- Fred D.

I wish to say that I am delighted with the performance of the hitch. The trailer acted as one with our heavy van tow vehicle. Cross winds, mountain roads, and winding back roads were no trouble at all with this well behaved setup. Hookup and unhooking are as easy and straight forward as advertised, and the whole system works, if anything, better than advertised. Great work. This hitching system is the best bargain on the market and is superior to anything anywhere near its cost.

- James C.

I've pulled 18' trailers and trailers up to 36' with double slideouts. The hitch is really great. The Equal-i-zer is easy to attach and really solves the sway problem in windy conditions or when large vehicles pass.

- Roger H.

Our customers give us great feedback about your Equal-i-zer hitch. They love how the Equal-i-zer 4-Point Sway Control; system combines weight distribution and sway control without the need for messing with add-on sway control bars or the old-style chain set up. The easy hook up and superior sway control performance are just a few of the reasons we recommend this hitch to our customers. Thanks for making a great, All-American product.

- Boyde McMakin

In high gusty winds (25-35 mph) there never is a moment when we feel the least concern. Control is absolute and positive at all times. Your hitch is great!

- Carl & Teri D.

It is refreshing to find a product that lives up to its claims, is so reasonably priced and backed up by such good customer service.

- Bob E.

I have utilized an equal-i-zer sway control for over thirty years on three different rigs, a 24 ft stream line, a thirty ft Avion and now a 35 ft Avion. Nothing on the market gets the job done like the 1200 lb. Equal-i-zer. Oh by the way the same hitch on all three rigs has performed flawlessly.

- Loomis M.