High Performance Lubricant

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Applying lube to your Equal-i-zer hitch will extend the life of your hitch’s sockets and keep it running smoothly.

Manufactured from the highest-grade American steel, The Original Equal-i-zer® Sway Control Hitch is designed to last a lifetime, so you can be confident in your purchase. An important aspect in getting the best performance and longevity from your Equal-i-zer hitch is proper lubrication.

Lubrication extends the life of the hitch, preventing rust and wear on the sockets, and provides easier hitching and unhitching because it makes newly-painted, torqued sockets easier to move. It also protects the finish on the hitch ball and quiets the noise coming from the hitch ball rotating inside the coupler.


Proper Lubrication

  1. Remove tension from the spring arms by lifting them off the L-brackets.
  2. Swing the spring arms sockets until the spring arms are perpendicular to the tow vehicle.
  3. Remove the spring arms from the hitch head sockets.
  4. Using a soft cloth, wipe clean the friction surface areas of the sockets, top and bottom.
  5. Place a pinhead-sized drop onto the top of the socket.
  6. Spread the lubricant with your finger or cloth until it covers the entire surface.
  7. Repeat this for the underside of the socket.
  8. Insert the spring arms into the socket and rotate the socket back and forth.
  9. Do not lubricate the L-brackets or spring arms.