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Why are sockets hard to move?

There should be resistance as you try to rotate the sockets. The friction between the sockets and the hitch head are two of the four friction points built into the Equal-i-zer hitch. Often on a new hitch they will be a little hard to move until they break in. If they're too tight to work with, you can loosen up the socket bolts a little bit. The vertical socket bolts on either side of the hitch head hold those sockets in place and control how tight they are. We recommend you keep them between 60-100 ft-lb. Routinely check the torque and tighten as needed.

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Why am I feeling sway?

If you're feeling sway after setting up the Equal-i-zer hitch, there's a good chance there are minor adjustments that can be made to improve performance. First, check that the trailer is loaded properly to have enough tongue weight (10-15%). Also, check that all tires are inflated to the correct air pressure. Next, double check the hitch settings. Most likely there isn't enough tension on the spring arms/not enough weight transferred back up to the front axle of the tow vehicle. Usually that will be remedied by adding spacer washers, raising L-brackets, and/or lowering the hitch ball. It's a good idea to recheck the three front-axle measurements from page 16 in the Equal-i-zer manual before making any changes.

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What size hitch do I own?

Each Equal-i-zer arm is marked with the hitch’s towing capacity. If the labels are faded or missing, you can measure the width of the spring arms to determine what size Equal-i-zer hitch you own.

Measurements are as follows:

400/4,000 lb – 1"

600/6,000 lb – 1-1/4"

1,000/10,000 lb – 1-3/8"

1,200/12,000 lb - 1-1/2"

1,400/14,000 lb. – 1-1/2" (To differentiate the 12,000 and 14,000 models, you will also need to measure the thickness of the bolt channel or bottom head plate. Both will be 3/8" on the 12k and 1/2" on the 14k)

1,600/16,000 lb – 1-1/2"

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What hitch balls can I use?

All Equal-i-zer hitches will accept a 1-1/4" diameter threaded hitch ball shank. A 1" shank can be used if necessary, with an appropriate bushing. With an Equal-i-zer hitch the length of that threaded shank cannot exceed 2-3/8". Any longer and the excess shank length can interfere with the rotating sockets causing damage.

Owner Guide

How do I order replacement parts?

We're happy to take orders directly over the phone at 800-478-5578, or on our online store, https://www.equalizerhitch.com/store. Orders generally ship the next business day via either UPS or USPS. Local dealers may also have the parts you need in stock, or can usually order the parts from their distributor.

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How do I install my Equal-i-zer hitch on a unique trailer frame?

Many unique trailer frames need to be assessed by a professional installer. We recommend you visit an Equal-i-zer hitch dealer to determine which Equal-i-zer hitch works best for your setup. Their trained technicians can help you purchase the best hitch and install the hitch for you. You can review our special install guide here and follow up with a dealer or our customer service team with questions. http://www.equalizerhitch.com/Equal-i-zer%20Support/specialinstall.php

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Can I back up with the hitch?

Yes, the Equal-i-zer hitch is designed to allow you to back up and make turns with the hitch hooked up.

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Can I use this hitch with surge brakes?

Yes, the Equal-i-zer hitch is compatible with surge brakes and provides excellent sway control for boat, flat bad and cargo trailers with surge brakes. The rigid frame brackets on the hitch allow the spring arms to slide back and forth freely, so they don't interfere with the function of the surge brake mechanism.

Can I use this hitch with surge brakes?

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How do I take off the bars?

Use your tongue jack to release tension off the spring arms prior to trying to slide them out of place. After removing the spring arms, you can lower the trailer back down and unlatch the coupler from the hitch ball as you would on any other ball mount.

Please refer to our “Hooking Up and Unhooking" section for tips on easy hitching and unhitching.

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What are the torque specs for my Equal-i-zer hitch?

For 6k-14k models

  • Shank Bolts need to be torqued to 320 ft-lb
  • Socket Bolts need to be torqued to 60-100 ft-lb
  • Link Plate Bolts - 65 ft-lb
  • L-Bracket Nuts need to be torqued to 75 ft-lb

For 4k model

  • Shank bolts – 180 ft-lb
  • Socket Bolts – 60-100 ft-lb
  • Link Plate Bolts – 27 ft-lb
  • L-Bracket Nuts – 45 ft-lb

For 16k model

  • Shank bolts – 320 ft-lb
  • Socket Bolts – 60-100 ft-lb
  • Link Plate Bolts – 130 ft-lb
  • L-Bracket Nuts – 130 ft-lb