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Taking care of your hitch (maintenance). You ask a lot from your hitch. Help protect your investment for many years to come.

Owner Guide


https://progress.nyc3.cdn.digi...Applying lube to your Equal-i-zer hitch will extend the life of your hitch's sockets and keep it running smoothly.

On each hitch the friction surfaces of the head should be kept clean and well lubricated with a good quality multi-purpose or bearing grease. With the Equal-i-zer, these are the surfaces where the arm sockets rub against the top and bottom plates of the head. It is also a good idea to grease the hitch ball.

It is not necessary to apply grease to the L-brackets or spring bars on any hitch model.

Use the infographic below as a reference when lubing your hitch.

Owner Guide

Adjusting your hitch

Before adjusting the weight distribution on your hitch, it's important the measurement from the ground to the top of the hitch ball is equal to the measurement from the ground to the inside top of the trailer coupler. Start with an uncoupled trailer and take these measurements. After determining the measurements are equal, below are ways to add or decrease weight distribution.

If more weight distribution is needed:

  1. Raise L-brackets up by one notch, and recheck the weight distribution measurements. Make sure you are keeping the bars running parallel with the trailer frame.
  2. Add additional spacer washers. After each additional spacer washer recheck the weight distribution measurements.

If you have too much weight distribution:

  1. Remove a spacer washer, and recheck the measurements. If you still have too much weight distribution remove another spacer washer.
  2. Lower L brackets by one notch, and recheck the weight distribution measurements.

Check out this video for step-by-step instructions on fixing and under-adjusted or over-adjusted setup.

Adjusting your hitch
Adjusting your hitch