Owner Guide

Hooking Up and Unhooking

The Equal-i-zerĀ® hitch is easy to use, which makes hitching and unhitching a simple, stress-free experience. However, there are a couple of tips that can make hitching even easier. Follow our steps below, or watch our video for more information. We also have a helpful infographic for you to print out and keep with your trailer as a helpful reminder.

To Hitch up

  1. Back the Equal-i-zer hitch ball under the trailer coupler.
  2. Couple and lock the trailer.
  3. Use the tongue jack to raise the trailer tongue and tow vehicle until you can swing the arms into place over the trailer brackets. The arms should move pretty easily, without causing you to strain. If your trailer is on very unlevel ground, it can place more pressure on one side of the trailer, making it a little more difficult to get the spring arm up high enough to place on the L Bracket. To make it easier, use your Snap-Up lever to place the spring arms on the trailer bracket.
  4. Pin the arms into place with the Snap L-Pin, and retract the jack.

To Unhitch

  1. Leave the coupler latched. Extend the tongue jack to lift the trailer and tow vehicle and take the load off the spring arms. If the springs arms won't move, lift the tongue jack higher, until the pressure is taken off the arms. You can tell when the pressure is off the arms, because the L-pins will be loose and the arms should move without causing you to strain.
  2. Unpin the spring arms and swing them away from the trailer brackets.
  3. Retract the tongue jack until you can open the coupler latch.
  4. Raise the trailer tongue and pull the tow vehicle away from the trailer.
Hooking Up and Unhooking