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Install the Hitch Ball


Never exceed the specified weight ratings for the trailer, tow vehicle, hitch, hitch ball, or any other towing equipment.


Using a hitch ball with a shank longer than 2-3/8” may damage the Equal‑i‑zer hitch head and could void your warranty.

Install a properly-sized hitch ball (not included) onto the hitch head. Ball diameter must match trailer coupler size.

Select a ball with a 1-1/4” diameter threaded shank no longer than 2-3/8”. Hitch balls with a longer shank may damage the hitch. If your hitch ball has a smaller diameter shank you must use an appropriate bushing. Make sure that the ball has a weight rating equal to or greater than your trailer’s gross vehicle weight (GVW). Always use a lock washer against the nut, unless otherwise specified by ball manufacturer. Torque nut to ball manufacturer’s specifications.

Hitch balls require a 1-7/8” socket and a torque wrench capable of approximately 430 ft-lbs torque for installation. Your nearest Equal-i-zer dealership will have the tools needed and will usually install the hitch ball for a reasonable fee.