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Position Tow Vehicle and Trailer

Ideally, when installing or adjusting the hitch, the tow vehicle and trailer should be loaded just as they will be while traveling. This includes full propane and fresh water tanks, and any other cargo (passengers & gear) the tow vehicle or trailer will carry, including ATVs for toy haulers. If fully-loaded is not possible, set the hitch up for the trailer “as-is,” and make adjustments later if needed.

Tow vehicle “auto-level” systems should also be disabled or turned off temporarily. Suspension air bags should be inflated to their desired towing psi before hitch setup. Inflating rear axle air bags after setup will most likely decrease the amount of weight distribution provided by the hitch.

Park the trailer and tow vehicle on level ground and in line with each other. Chock and uncouple the trailer. Pull tow vehicle ahead about 5 feet to allow working area and set the parking brake.