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Final Tightening


Do not tow your trailer until all bolts and nuts have been checked and properly tightened, and all pins and clips are securely in place.

Towing with loose bolts for an extended period of time can cause abnormal stress on the hitch resulting in accident, severe injury, and property damage.

After you have made proper adjustments to the hitch to give your setup good weight distribution and trailer pitch, all bolts on the hitch must be tightened completely.

Use your tongue jack to lift the trailer and tow vehicle, and disconnect the spring arms. Lower the tongue jack and uncouple the trailer from the tow vehicle. Pull the tow vehicle forward a few feet to give yourself working room to tighten the hitch bolts.

Remove the pins and clips from the spring arms, and remove the spring arms from the hitch head. Remove the hitch pin and clip. Slide the hitch head and shank from the receiver, turn the assembly upside-down, and place it back into the receiver tube. Replace the hitch pin to secure it temporarily.

Use the torque wrench to tighten both 5/8” shank bolts to 180 ft-lbs.

Snug the angle set bolt to the shank again if needed. Do not over-tighten the angle set bolt.

Check that all link plate bolts are tightened to between 25 and 30 ft-lbs. Check the nuts holding the L-brackets to make sure they are torqued to 45 ft-lbs.

Remove the hitch pin, and return the head and shank to the upright position. Replace the spring arms, and secure them with the socket pins and clips. Couple the trailer again to the tow vehicle, and put the spring arms back in place on the L-brackets. Secure each with an L-pin and clip.

You are now ready to take the trailer out for a tow. Remember to connect the breakaway cable, safety chains, and electrical cables. Make sure your trailer brake control is correctly adjusted. Retract the jack completely. Tow carefully at first and pay attention to how it feels. Follow the Troubleshooting Guide in Appendix A which suggests ways that can help improve your towing experience if needed.