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Sway Bracket Jackets

General Overview

The high pressure and high friction environment of the Original Equalizer® 4-Point Sway Control™ Hitch can sometimes produce loud grinding or clanking noises. These usually present themselves during the first few uses of a new hitch as it breaks-in. They are also more prevalent during slow, tight turns where the tow vehicle and trailer are in a twist. Most customers are not disturbed by this noise if they are informed about it when they purchase their hitch. But some customers are still bothered by the noise. The Sway Bracket Jackets™ were created for these customers. They were designed to quiet the ride by reducing some of the vibration caused as the spring arm slides back and forth on the L-bracket.


Installation of the Sway Bracket Jacket is easy. Hold the Sway Bracket Jacket with the flat side facing the L-bracket. Slide it over the bottom of the L-bracket, around the curve, and up the back. Then, let it drop back over the top of the foot. Once the Sway Bracket Jacket is in place, move the spring arm into place over the top of it, and secure it with the L-pin and clip.

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Other Issues

Use of the Sway Bracket Jackets does slightly reduce the amount of friction sway control provided by the L-bracket assemblies. However, this reduction is minimal, and in most applications barely noticeable because the majority of the Original Equalizer Hitch’s integrated sway control comes from the rotational friction surfaces of the spring arm sockets in the hitch head. This sway control is not affected at all by the use of the Sway Bracket Jackets. The L-brackets will still provide a certain measure of sway dampening friction.

Sway Bracket Jackets should not be used with the Fastway® e2™ hitch, also by Progress Mfg. Inc.

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