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Airstream Trailers

Some lines of Airstream travel trailers come equipped with a copper gas line running down the bottom of the passenger or curbside of the A-frame. As a result, certain adjustments are necessary before proceeding with a standard Equal-i-zer® sway control bracket installation as found in step 4 of the Equal-i-zer® Hitch Owner’s Manual.

Step 1: Before initially placing the bracket or after removing bracket to fix an existing installation, first loosen the gas line support braces nearest to where the bottom bracket bolt will cross the frame.

Step 2: Once the gas line support braces have been temporarily removed or loosened, carefully maneuver the copper gas line away from the bottom of the trailer frame, ensuring enough space for the ½” link plate bolt and some spacing foam or rubber to be inserted between the trailer frame and the copper gas line.

Step 3: At this point, install the Equal-i-zer® sway control brackets as described in step 6 of the Equal-i-zer® Hitch Owner’s Manual, taking care not to over-tighten the bracket bolts. Brackets bolts should be tight, and brackets should be flush against the frame.

Step 4: Between the threads of the bottom ½” link plate bolt and the copper gas line, insert some durable spacer foam or rubber to prevent any rubbing that could damage that copper gas line.

Step 5: To prevent any crimping or unnecessary pressure on the copper gas line, reattach the gas line support braces to ensure the copper gas line remains secure in its position.

Please call your manufacturer’s representative or our technical support department at 800-478-5578 if you have additional questions or need additional support.