Jul 21, 2020

How to Hitch and Unhitch your Equal-i-zer Hitch

This step-by-step process will help you hitch and unhitch your Equal-i-zer hitch. Knowing how to hitch and unhitch correctly will make hitching easy and allow you to spend more time making memories at your campsite.

As an additional resource, follow this link to our YouTube video: How to Hitch and Unhitch your Equal-i-zer Hitch. You can also always call our customer service hotline, at 800-478-5578, if you still have questions.

How to hitch

1. With the Equal-i-zer hitch head installed, position the hitch ball directly under the trailer coupler. Make sure to have a spotter behind the truck to safely guide you into position.

2. Lower the trailer coupler until it is resting on the hitch ball. It should be a smooth process. If the trailer coupler won’t sit properly, adjust the position of your tow vehicle.

3. Lock the coupler by inserting the safety pin into the coupler latch.

4. Insert the spring arms into the sockets of the hitch head and secure them with the socket pins and clips. Make sure that the decal stickers are facing the outside. The 12k and 14k models are side specific.

5. Raise the trailer jack until you can slide the spring arms onto the L-brackets; if needed, use the Snap-up lever.

6. If it is still difficult to get the spring arms on the L-bracket, you can lift the trailer jack higher. This will raise the arms higher and make it easier to get the spring arms into place.

7. Insert the Snap L-pins.

8. With both arms secured, lower the jack, until all weight is off the trailer jack.

9. Attach the safety chains and breakaway systems.

10. Insert the 7-pin plug. Make sure the plug is clean and free of debris.

11. Raise your trailer jack and remove your wheel chocks.

12. You are ready to go!

How to Unhitch

1. Properly chock your trailer and remove the 7-pin plug.

2. Remove the breakaway cable and safety chains.

3. Raise your trailer jack.

4. With the tension off the spring arms, remove the Snap L-pins.

5. Lift the spring arms off the L-bracket, if needed use the Snap-up lever. If there is still tension on the spring arms, lift your trailer jack up higher, until the tension is gone. You should then be able to easily slide the arms off the L-bracket.

6. Remove the socket pins and clips from the sockets in the hitch head.

7. Remove the spring arms from the hitch head.

8. Remove the safety pin and unlock the coupler.

9. Give clearance by raising the trailer coupler above the hitch ball. There should be obvious space between the hitch ball and trailer coupler.

10. Pull your tow vehicle away, lock your trailer coupler and you are done.

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