May 31, 2016

How Does Equal-i-zer Hitch's 4-Point Sway Control Keep Me Safe?

You can enjoy safer towing because of the 4-Point Sway Control™ system on your Equal-i-zer hitch®.

4-Point Sway Control means there are four unique friction areas built right into your hitch. This friction on your hitch acts to continually resist your trailer's attempt to sway. We've measured up to three times more resistance to lateral trailer movement with the Equal-i-zer hitch over other hitch options. This gives you a much more comfortable and stress free ride during normal travel, and an added measure of safety when faced with hazards like passing semi-trucks, gusts of wind or evasive maneuvers. It keeps you and your family safe on the road!

Our superior sway control lets you enjoy your journey.