Nov 10, 2016

Equal-i-zer Hitch Welcomes RV Industry Pro Pat Hunt to the Team

Equal-i-zer® hitch is thrilled to welcome Pat Hunt to the RV sales team. Pat is working with RV dealers in the west and northwest regions.

"I'm excited to have Pat as part of our team here at Equal-i-zer hitch," says Rich Elliott, VP of Sales and Marketing. "Pat has 20 years of experience in the RV industry and will be an incredible asset to our company and brand."

EQ Welcome Pat Hunt

Pat started in the RV industry at sixteen years old as he washed trailers and ran needed errands. He worked his way up the industry and has held many different positions, including managing the service department at Blaine Jensen RV. The store was bought by Camping World and Pat then had the opportunity to open Camping World of Colorado Springs. This opening process included hiring, organizing and opening the store up to the public. After time in Colorado Springs Pat moved to Utah, where he managed Camping World of Salt Lake City, and from there went to State Trailer in Utah. Pat is no stranger when it comes to the Equal-i-zer hitch and through his experience selling the hitch it became the only option he liked to offer customers.

"The Equal-i-zer hitch has always been my favorite hitch," says Hunt. "It's the only hitch I had on display in my stores; it's the only hitch I would sell to our customers. It was never hard to sell the Equal-i-zer hitch, because it's the obvious option. The hitch is made in America and backed by a great company! I never had to worry about customers coming back to me upset about their purchase. I fully believe in the product."

With years of experience, Pat's advice to Equal-i-zer dealers is to sell the hitch with confidence! He says, "Help your customers understand the value of the product, while knowing this isn't a product they'll be calling about with problems six months after their purchase."

As RVs continue to grow in popularity Equal-i-zer is glad to have Pat here to educate current and future dealers on how to keep families safe on the road with a reliable hitch.

"I've always wanted to work here because of the reputation of the company," says Hunt. "When the opportunity came it was a dream come true. I love the people I work with and I have confidence in what we sell. I'm happy to be here!"

Equal-i-zer looks forward to a great year with Pat Hunt on the team.