Nov 01, 2017

Volunteers Help Build Homes in Payson

Equal-i-zer® hitch employees had a great time volunteering to build homes with nonprofit organization Self-Help Homes. Below is a press release written by Daily Herald about the experience and how people in the community can also get involved.

A large group of volunteers from a local manufacturing company gathered recently to help several families build their own homes in Payson.

Five families are working on their new homes in the Cowan Corner Subdivision in Payson and the 72 volunteers that turned out to help Oct. 12 had a huge impact on the project by contributing approximately 500 hours of "sweat equity."

The families are performing the majority of labor on their own new houses - part of a Mutual Self-Help Housing program run through Self-Help Homes.

"Building your own home is tough, working with your neighbors to build five homes is even tougher," Self-Help Homes construction manager Josh Walker said.

To join the program, a small group of qualified families or individuals commit to providing at least 35 hours each week until everyone's house in completed, a process that can take up to a year.

Between jobs, children and everyday life, it takes a huge effort for the families to complete the homes, and every little bit of help gets them closer to their goal of finishing up.

"I expect the volunteers of Progress Manufacturing to effectively save these five families close to 500 hours of 'sweat equity' on their homes," Walker said.

The homes are being build through the Mutual Self-Help Housing program which is administered by Self-Help Homes, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Provo. Funding to administer the program comes from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Development; likewise, home loans are provided by the agency.

During the event, 72 volunteers from Progress Manufacturing and Self-Help Homes installed roof sheathing and fascia, framed basement walls, installed floor joists and performed other tasks.

Progress Manufacturing employees were excited to be participating in the volunteer outing, company spokesperson Sadie Nilsson said. Many of the employees have construction experience, which will help the work go quickly.

"We've always committed part of Progress's net income to helping those in need, "Progress Manufacturing CEO Jed Anderson said. "The desire to serve is a natural part of all of us. We want to help people close to home and across the world. Our company works not only to provide the best towing products, but to help people in other ways as well. We love letting our team members be involved in service that leaves a legacy of good."

Progress Manufacturing places great importance on serving the community and leaving a legacy of good, Nilsson said. It has been a part of the company's mission statement for years: "It is the mission of Progress Mfg. to be a company where we work in a way that empowers us to provide for our families, serve the Lord, and leave a legacy of good."

For more information about participating in the Self-Help housing program or volunteering on a project, contact Self-Help Homes by calling (801)375-2205 or visiting the Self-Help Homes website at