Have you ever been to an RV Rally? Regardless of where you live, there is an RV rally near you. We've put together an infographic for you to take a peek at the fun these rallies offer!

RV rallies offer a variety of seminars. The different types of seminars offered depend on the rally and may include:

  • Technical/educational seminars addressing the "How-to's" of RVing.
  • Lifestyle seminars discussing health, medical assistance, cooking tips and staying fit while on the road.
  • Travel seminars with helpful information about RV travel to destinations across the world. We recommend checking these out if you are looking for somewhere new to venture.
  • Round table sessions where guests can discuss RV struggles or problems they are facing.

Are you excited yet? Wait, there's more!


  • Crafts - Learn how to make beaded jewelry, candle holders, knitting and more.
  • Service - This is your opportunity to attend to minor repairs you haven't gotten around to yet.
  • New RV displays - Big RV rallies may have the newest RV models on display. If you are in the market for a new RV, check out these for some great deals!
  • Exhibitors - An assortment of vendors can be found at rallies. Take advantage of these vendors and buy yourself a new pink flamingo, or get an estimate on your dream RV renovation.
  • Friends - Rallies provide a chance to meet up with old friends and make new friends. This opportunity to socialize is a popular aspect of any rally!
  • Entertainment - Big rallies usually have entertainment every night, and during the day. Smaller events may include a planned meal or activity for the evenings.
  • Safety education - Take advantage of a Safe Driving Course, and have your wheel position weight measurements done for your fully-loaded RV.
  • Side trips - Local side trips are a fun opportunity to see something new.

Now for the final RV rally component...choosing a rally to attend! Check out a few rallies listed to the right, or visit RV-clubs.us for even more rallies to choose from.

Happy trails!