Get yourself outdoors and take a winter camping trip!

Winter camping gives you and your family an opportunity to get out of the house, enjoy the outdoors, and escape the daily grind. It's the best way to enjoy winter activities like snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, or ice fishing.

Winter camping takes a bit more planning than fair weather camping, so use these great tips to give yourself a head start.

We asked winter camping experts that work at Equal-i-zer for their recommendations. Todd Munford, Inside Sales Support, said, "Soak cotton balls in Vaseline® and keep them in a film container or empty prescription bottle to be used as excellent fire starters." Matt Darrington, Sales Account Rep., loves taking his RV out in the winter and recommends bringing heavy quilts to stay warm and cozy throughout the night.

Check out our infographic below where we've compiled our favorite winter camping tips.


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