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DEALERS:  Thank you for your business and for taking the time to learn more about the Equal-i-zer hitch.  We are confident you will be rewarded with happier, more satisfied customers and more success at your dealership as a result.

Now is the perfect time to get your staff up-to-date with product knowledge and get them ready to go full speed next spring.

Keeping your crew up to speed means increased revenue for your business through more Equal-i-zer hitch sales, because a more knowledgeable staff makes it easier to upsell, provides better customer service and reduces installation questions and problems.

Now, for a limited time, Equal-i-zer hitch is offering some extra incentives to help you motivate your staff to complete the training.

Individual Incentives

•    "Equal-i-zer Trained" Certificate of Completion
•    Chance to win a $25 gift card.

Dealership Level Incentives

•    75% staff completion receives an official "Certified Equal-i-zer Trained" plaque to hang in your showroom.
•    Dealers with 75% staff completion are entered to win a free lunch for everyone at the dealership.

The Equal-i-zer training is quick and easy to complete. Simply register, log in and watch the videos on the Equal-i-zer website. There is no additional cost or hassle for you to get trained. Call your factory account rep for more details: (800) 478-5578.

Get started today, before the incentives end!

1. Click the “Create New Training Account” button.
2. Fill out the form with your personal and dealership information.
3. Click the “Register” button.
4. Check the email account you used for a verification email.
5. Click the link in the email to verify that you’re “real.”
6. The link will bring you back to this page.
7. Log in with the username and password you set up when creating the account.

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