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Customers that buy their Equal-i-zer hitch from a dealer typically have the best experience with their Equal-i-zer hitch purchase. Dealers are specially trained on the Equal-i-zer hitch, so they know which size is best for your set-up. Dealers also have the tools needed for installation and expertise installing the hitch, so you know it is installed correctly. Your dealer will spend time teaching you how to hitch and unhitch and will also teach you how to lubricate your hitch and adjust the angle set bolt, extending the life of your Equal-i-zer. To locate a dealer near you, enter your zip code below. If you need accessories or would like to visit our online store, click here.

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I have utilized an equal-i-zer sway control for over thirty years on three different rigs, a 24 ft stream line, a thirty ft Avion and now a 35 ft Avion. Nothing on the market gets the job done like the 1200 lb. Equal-i-zer. Oh by the way the same hitch on all three rigs has performed flawlessly.

~ Loomis M