Frequently Asked Questions

Should I lubricate my Equal-i-zer hitch? Where should I lubricate my Equal-i-zer hitch?
Yes, as part of regular maintenance we recommend that you clean and lubricate the top and bottom of the spring arm sockets in the hitch head. How to do this can be viewed in our Installation product video.
My hitch is noisy, what can I do?
The steel-on-steel friction of the Equal-i-zer hitch will always generate some noise. This is not bad, or a sign that there is something wrong with the hitch or setup. In fact, it usually tells you that your hitch is working just like it's supposed to.

You can do several things that usually reduce most of the hitch noise:

1. Try using a set of Equal-i-zer Sway Bracket Jackets on your L-brackets. These were specially designed to help reduce the noise at this joint, without the mess of using grease.
2. Keep your hitch head clean and the sockets lubricated.
3. Re-adjust the angle of your hitch so that the arms sit more parallel with the trailer frame. For example - when your hitch is hooked up, if your spring arms angle up slightly from the hitch head back along the trailer frame, try adding a spacer washer to the hitch head, and lowering the L-brackets 1 hole. This will give you the same weight distribution, but make the arms more parallel to the frame of the trailer.
Where can I get L-pins, Socket Pins, clips and other accessories for the Equal-i-zer?
Visit our Dealer Locater page to find a dealer near you that stocks Equal-i-zer hardware and accessories. Look for the symbol next to their name, which shows that they carry spare parts. If there is not a dealership near you that carries spare parts, they can be ordered directly from the factory by phone (800) 478-5578, or through the online store.
What are the torque specifications for the Equal-i-zer hitch?
  • If your hitch ball is an Equal-i-zer brand hitch ball, it will require 430 ft-lbs of torque.
  • For the bolts that hold the hitch head to the shank, we have the following torque specifications:

    GRADE 8 BOLTS: 300-350 ft-lbs

    If you have another grade of bolt, please contact customer service.
  • For the bolts that hold the sockets into the head (you can see the heads to either side of the hitch ball), we recommend that you maintain the torque between 45 and 60 ft-lbs.
  • For the bolts that hold the Inside Link Plate and the Outside Link Plate together across the frame require 50 - 70 ft-lbs.
  • For the bolts that hold the L-bracket to the Outside Link Plates, the torque spec is 65 - 75 ft-lbs.
What should I do to maintain my Equal-i-zer?
We've detailed the steps of regular maintenance in the Owner's Manual. A good rule of thumb is to check the torques on the bolts that need it, grease the sockets in the hitch head where they rub against the forged head, and paint any exposed metal with a high-grade enamel rust-resistant spray paint.
Do I have to use the Equal-i-zer Brand Lubricant? What can I use instead?
For lubricating the Equal-i-zer hitch we recommend our high performance lubricant. It has been designed to take the pressure and outside environment of the hitch. Other brands are also acceptable as long as they're heavy enough to be axle or bearing grease. Anything lighter (WD-40®, graphite, spray-on lubricants) just won't hold up against the intense pressures that are experienced in the hitch head.

For questions about purchasing an Equal-i-zer, please visit the About Equal-i-zer FAQs.

Customer Service is a dying art, and you have made me believe that there is still plenty of it out there. I will continue to recommend your product and service!!

~ Bob O. (Wisconsin)