Weight Distribution

When you couple your trailer to your tow vehicle, the added weight causes your tow vehicle to "teeter-totter" over the rear axle. The front of the tow vehicle raises, and the rear sinks. Hazards associated with driving a trailer without weight distribution include loss of steering control, braking difficulties, and hitch dragging.

The Equal-i-zer® hitch combats such hazards by providing proper weight distribution. It creates something like a bridge between the tow vehicle and trailer, helping them work together like one unit instead of two. With the Equal-i-zer hitch the trailers' weight can be safely and easily distributed to all axles of the vehicle.

I have utilized an equal-i-zer sway control for over thirty years on three different rigs, a 24 ft stream line, a thirty ft Avion and now a 35 ft Avion. Nothing on the market gets the job done like the 1200 lb. Equal-i-zer. Oh by the way the same hitch on all three rigs has performed flawlessly.

~ Loomis M