Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an Equal-i-zer hitch cost?
We recommend that you purchase your Equal-i-zer hitch from a local dealership whenever possible. Each dealership sets their retail price for the hitch. Use our Dealer Locater to find an authorized Equal-i-zer dealership near you. The table below shows our Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price as a reference for you. Your local RV dealer is the best place for price and service.

90-00-0400: 400 lb. max tongue wt. / 4,000 lb. max trailer weight $ 725.00
90-00-0600: 600 lb. max tongue wt. / 6,000 lb. max trailer weight $ 745.00
90-00-1000: 1,000 lb. max tongue wt. / 10,000 lb. max trailer weight $ 765.00
90-00-1200: 1,200 lb. max tongue wt. / 12,000 lb. max trailer weight $ 785.00
90-00-1400: 1,400 lb. max tongue wt. / 14,000 lb. max trailer weight $ 885.00

Which Equal-i-zer will be the best fit for my trailer?
To help you decide which hitch would be the best fit for you, you'll need to know some information about your tow vehicle and trailer. Make sure you know:
  • The gross vehicle weight (GVW) of your trailer when it is fully loaded with everything you are going to take with you (propane, water, cargo, etc).
  • The tongue weight of your trailer when it is fully loaded.
  • The approximate weight of the cargo you are hauling behind the rear axle of your tow vehicle.
Once you've gathered this information, take a look at our online Hitch Selector. If you have questions after using our online tool, feel free to contact one of our excellent customer service representatives.

Will the Equal-i-zer hitch work with a V-Nose trailer?
Yes, it will in most cases. Sometimes customers have to make some minor adjustments to the installation process. Review the V-Nose Trailer Installation Guide. If you still have questions, Contact Us. We're happy to help anytime to make sure your experience with the Equal-i-zer is a success.

Is the Equal-i-zer compatible with the "Brand X" trailer?
We don't keep a list of every trailer model the Equal-i-zer hitch fits. However, the Equal-i-zer hitch is so versatile, that it's very rare to find a trailer it will not work with. In fact, right out of the box and without trailer or hitch modifications, the Equal-i-zer hitch will work with more trailer models than many other hitches.

Which shank size is best for my setup?
Visit our Shank Selector tool, or contact us and we will find the perfect shank for your setup.

How does the Equal-i-zer hitch hook up?
Hitching up with an Equal-i-zer hitch is very easy and safe.

1. Place the Equal-i-zer hitch head and shank into your tow vehicle receiver.
2. Back up to the trailer, lower the trailer onto the hitch ball, and lock the coupler.
3. Insert the spring arms into the hitch, and pin them in place.
4. Use the tongue jack to raise the trailer and tow vehicle until the spring arms are high enough to swing easily into place over the L-brackets.
5. Occasionally you may need to use the included snap-up lever to lift the arms the last inch or so onto the brackets.
6. Pin the arms into place, and retract the tongue jack completely to lower the weight onto the hitch again.
7. Connect everything else (breakaway cable, safety chains, and electrical connections), and you're ready to go.
8. Have fun.

The Equal-i-zer hitch can also be coupled or uncoupled when parked at an angle. The tow vehicle does not need to be directly in line with the trailer as it does with a self-centering style sway control hitch.

How long does it take to install an Equal-i-zer hitch?
We recommend you have your Equal-i-zer hitch installed by an experienced dealership. These dealers can usually install and set up the Equal-i-zer hitch for proper weight distribution in about one hour.

Someone installing the hitch for the first time will need about 2 hours. They will also need a couple of tools not usually found in the do-it-yourselfer's tool chest. A thin-walled 1 7/8" socket and torque wrench capable of tightening the hitch ball to about 430 Ft-lbs. Also, two 1 1/8" wrenches or sockets to attach the hitch head to the adjustable shank. These require a torque wrench capable of reaching 320 Ft-lbs.

Watch the Installation Overview section of the Equal-i-zer product video to gain a better understanding of the steps it takes to install the Equal-i-zer hitch.

Can the Equal-i-zer be used on a boat trailer?
Yes, the Equal-i-zer hitch works well with many boat trailers. In many cases the Equal-i-zer hitch can be installed just as it would be on any other trailer by following the Equal-i-zer hitch owner's manual, or with some minor adjustments shown in the Pole Tongue Installation Guide. Some trailers require the use of a Pole Tongue Adaptor if there is an obstacle like the tongue jack that might interfere with the spring arms.

If you have looked through these Installation Guides and are still unsure about using the Equal-i-zer hitch with your boat trailer, contact us and our customer service staff will help you get the information you need to decide if an Equal-i-zer hitch is right for towing your boat. We will respond to your email by the end of the next business day.

Does the Equal-i-zer hitch work with hydraulic or surge brakes?
The Equal-i-zer hitch will work with most trailers equipped with surge brakes because the spring arms rest on rigid Sway Control Brackets, rather than being suspended by chains. The bars slide forward/backward while turning or braking, without the tendency to "spring" back into the straight position like bars hung from chains do. This allows the surge brake to be properly activated, instead of intermittently activating/deactivating the brakes, or not allowing enough compression to activate the surge brakes at all.

For frequently asked maintenance questions, please visit the Equal-i-zer Support FAQs.

No one has been as satisfied as I have, Equal-i-zer is still the best on the market.

~ Durwood H. (Washington)