Easy to Use

The Equal-i-zer® hitch is simple and easy to use. With Integrated Sway Control™ there is no need for add-on sway control devices. Hitching and unhitching are easily done from any angle. Install, adjustment, and hitch up are easy too!

Easy Hitch Up Steps
  • Back the hitch ball under the coupler like you always have.
  • Couple and lock the trailer.
  • Use the tongue jack to raise the trailer tongue and tow vehicle until you can swing the arms into place over the trailer brackets.
  • Pin the arms into place, and retract the jack.

It's just that easy!

Although my Equal-i-zer hitch has not towed a coach for one million miles, it does have 763,000 miles of towing on it. I am certain that no other brand of hitch can claim such high usage and longevity; without even considering the ease of use associated with your brand of hitch.

~ Fred D. (Texas)